Bobby Horton


Chris Horton


Bobby is a husband and father of three. He enjoys Longhorn football, grilling, and spending time with his family.

Chris is a husband and father of 5-year-old twins. He enjoys hunting, fishing, all kinds of cooking/grilling and being Dad.


Rigg Ratt Manufacturing is an old fashioned company where the employees and owners believe that there are still customers who appreciate and want good service. We do not support the idea of 'How fast can I take your order and money?'. We think it’s a shame that finding other people that think the way we do are so few and far between.


Here at Rigg Ratt manufacturing we build truck accessory equipment that is a step beyond heavy duty. Our target audience is the Oil and Gas Industry. We’ve found that the truck equipment demands for this industry are well beyond what most people use. We listen to our customers and respond with the grade of equipment that holds up to the day to day abuse that they dish out. You work hard and the last thing that you need is equipment failure, and we come through for you and answer that need.


Rigg Ratt Equipment is built in Dallas, TX. With American Pride, home grown Godly Values, and the backing of a company that cares about your business. We support this Great Country and it’s Men and Women every day.